Ayla Gray , Founder, Designer & The Cutest Thing Ever

Ayla Gray, Founder, Designer & The Cutest Thing Ever

Ayla's Industrials - A Mission, A Cause & A Big Heart

With an eagle eye, a creative mind & the love of a “treasure” hunt with every step, Ayla’s Industrials was a natural progression in the glorious mind of this 7-year old angel. Ayla quickly realized the instant gratification of the hunt, the find & the lasting happiness she brought to those she chose to bestow her selfless acts of gift giving. Ayla loves science & nature…she wants to be an archaeologist…but mostly Ayla loves dogs.

“Mom, if people like what I make, when they spend their money, I want to give money back to help all dogs who are in a shelter & don’t have a home.”

50% of your purchase today will go back to the animal shelter…meanwhile Ayla is on the hunt with her rescue dogs Nikko, Kaden, Madden & Uggs...& those loved fur babies that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge in her lifetime...Keely, Prada, Studly & Kilo...all loyally by her side.


Ambie  (Stepmommy),  Ayla  &  Molly  (Mommy) goofing off at shoot.

Ambie (Stepmommy), Ayla & Molly (Mommy) goofing off at shoot.

A Message To Our Ayla:

Your family is so proud of you. Your heart is bigger than we ever could have imagined, your soul deep & mind luminous. We support your dreams & will do whatever we can to make them a true reality.

Keep reaching high, sweet angel & you will soar.

We love you.

-Mommy, Daddy & Ambie (your team & biggest fans always)